Friday, October 16, 2009

Another letter to my Representative-

I just sent this a couple minutes ago and wanted to share it here. If you're in AZ-1, please contact Kirkpatrick's DC office 202-225-2315 and let her know I'm not alone in feeling this way about the Industrial Hemp Farming Act. If you're in any other state and/or district where your Representative has been dragging their feet on this issue, give them a call, and/or send them a letter like this. Again and again while I was meeting with staffers in DC I heard that if they're not hearing from their constituents, it's hard for them to know just how much support exists for this bill.
In Solidarity for a Sustainable Future - David Piller
Dear Congresswoman Kirkpatrick,
I just received and read your "working for you" email. While I appreciate all you're doing for us here in the 1st District, I must admit that I'm greatly disappointed by your lack of action and leadership on HR 1866, The Industrial Hemp Farming Act. According to the email I received from Kyle McNally in follow up to the meeting I had with him a couple weeks ago, "At this point the Congresswoman has not made a decision to co-sponsor so a meeting won’t be necessary at this time. I will continue to pay attention to this legislation as it works its way through the Energy and Commerce Committee." Having spent the past week speaking to staffers from numerous offices about this issue, I have become more aware of this passive approach to a piece of legislation. Saying you're going to pay attention to something is not near as active as it sounds. I met with Kyle in order to communicate with you, through him, my desire that you become a part of the solution to current hemp laws and policies which are not in the best interests of the citizens of Arizona and the country as a whole. I'm not asking you to support a complicated piece of legislation which requires a team of lawyers for you to fully grasp the pros and cons of the bill's entirety. On the contrary, I'm asking you to support the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, which: A) would not cost the federal government a single cent B) is one of the most straightforward bills to come before Congress (less than 2 pages long, free of any vague loopholes) C) would reflect Fact (there is no scientific basis for The 1970 Controlled Substances Act which essentially says that hemp and marijuana are one and the same D) grant each state the power to regulate one of Nature's most versatile crops E) would go a long way towards addressing the Economic and Environmental challenges we are facing For these and many more reasons, I strongly urge you to change your position on this issue. Please, for the sake of the future of the children of Arizona, and the rest of the world, show leadership on this issue and add your name to the growing list of Representatives who have come to understand that it is in everyone's best interests for the United States to no longer be the only developed country to outlaw hemp cultivation. If you're still not convinced, please at least meet with Congressman Grijalva and learn from him why he was one of the original co-sponsors of this Act. I will continue paying attention to this issue and look forward to seeing you do the right thing. Sincerely, David Piller Flagstaff, AZ

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  1. While this is similarly worded to another letter I sent earlier, seems it didn't have the desired effect so I decided to send this one as well.