Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Industrial Hemp Action Day, pt 1

I'm heading back to DC on October 6th to continue my efforts to get Congress to pass the Industrial Hemp Farming Act.  To maximize my efforts, I'm asking for you to play a part.   Below, is what I'll be doing, and after reading it I'm sure you'll know how to be involved too.

Essentially, in the next couple of weeks I'm looking to take advantage of a few events taking place in DC beginning the first weekend in October.
What I'm most excited about is the Hemp Pavilion that will be at the DC Green Festival, October 10th and 11th. 

*I intend to invite as many Representatives and/or their assistants to attend the Hemp Pavilion, to see first hand the economic potential hemp has, and to seriously consider becoming a cosponsor of H.R. 1866 The Industrial Hemp Farming Act. Until there are 100 co-sponsors of this act, no committee hearings for H.R. 1866 will take place. 

*The day after the Green Festival is the start of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) Convention: where I'm hoping to meet, share ideas, and network with those in the industry. 

*Following the convention, on October 13th, the HIA is also going to be having a lobby day. I've been thinking for quite some time about trying to put together something along the lines of a national Industrial Hemp Action Day, and I feel that with the HIA action on this date, this is a great opportunity for Americans who want to see Industrial Hemp cultivation return to American agriculture to get Congress' attention in a big way. 

That's how the plan is looking for now. Feel free to share this and/or contact me with any questions or comments.

Hemp's potential is beyond our imagination.
Won't you help me in waking up the Nation?

In Solidarity for a Sustainable Future-David

********to get a better sense of where I'm coming from and trying to go with this, check out the earlier blog posts below this***