Thursday, November 5, 2009

H.R. 1866-The Industrial Hemp Farming Act

H.R. 1866 is perhaps the most straight-forward Act currently in Congress and deserves the support of all Americans. It would reflect science, by making a clear distinction between hemp and marijuana; and also grant each state the power to regulate hemp cultivation within their borders. We the People of the United States of America must not allow Congress to continue preventing our farmers from cultivating this crop that help can heal our environment and stimulate the expansion of the green economy like nothing else out there.

I ask you to please do your part by using this link to let your Representative know that you want them to co-sponsor this bill and join the other 18 Representatives who have already done so. Without more co-sponsors this bill is not likely to get the committee hearings that it deserves. I know from the time I recently spent in Washington, D.C. that without more constituents like yourself contacting their Representatives, they will continue standing on the sidelines and perpetuating the flawed federal hemp policies of the last 70 years, a course of action that we can not afford.

In solidarity for a sustainable future-David

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Great Resource for Hemp Information

I know that with the wealth of information available on line, it's sometimes hard for folks to find the type of up to date information they're looking for, without bouncing all around the internet. If you want a great source in one location for hemp related articles, reports, videos, etc... this could be the link you've been looking for.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A seed of an idea for Industrial Hemp Action Day

The personal action I did in front of the White House provides a sneak peak of sorts for the type of actions I would like to plan for Industrial Hemp Action Day. Please check it out and pass it along.

In solidarity for a hempful future-David

Saturday, October 17, 2009

radio interview is now archived

Just wanted to let you know that you can download and listen to the interview I did earlier by visiting - Just click on the 10/17/09 episode. If you want to jump ahead to my segment, it starts 41 minutes into the program.

Radio pt 2: Hemp Sign

Forgot to mention in the last post that I'll also be talking about the evolution of a sign for hemp I'm looking to spread through the deaf and hearing communities as a tool for conversation.

Radio Debut tonight 10/17/09

I had a great conversation with the co-hosts of an online radio show last night and was invited to be a part of their show tonight at

I'll be joining their show, calling in from DC around 7:30 EST.

I'm excited about this opportunity to share what I've been doing with the Hemp for Humanity campaign, including sharing stories about last weekend's hemp happenings in our nation's capital:
the hemp presence at the DC Green Festival, The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) Convention, lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill, and the hemp seed planting action at the DEA.

Hope you'll be able to listen in and tell your friends about it too.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Another letter to my Representative-

I just sent this a couple minutes ago and wanted to share it here. If you're in AZ-1, please contact Kirkpatrick's DC office 202-225-2315 and let her know I'm not alone in feeling this way about the Industrial Hemp Farming Act. If you're in any other state and/or district where your Representative has been dragging their feet on this issue, give them a call, and/or send them a letter like this. Again and again while I was meeting with staffers in DC I heard that if they're not hearing from their constituents, it's hard for them to know just how much support exists for this bill.
In Solidarity for a Sustainable Future - David Piller
Dear Congresswoman Kirkpatrick,
I just received and read your "working for you" email. While I appreciate all you're doing for us here in the 1st District, I must admit that I'm greatly disappointed by your lack of action and leadership on HR 1866, The Industrial Hemp Farming Act. According to the email I received from Kyle McNally in follow up to the meeting I had with him a couple weeks ago, "At this point the Congresswoman has not made a decision to co-sponsor so a meeting won’t be necessary at this time. I will continue to pay attention to this legislation as it works its way through the Energy and Commerce Committee." Having spent the past week speaking to staffers from numerous offices about this issue, I have become more aware of this passive approach to a piece of legislation. Saying you're going to pay attention to something is not near as active as it sounds. I met with Kyle in order to communicate with you, through him, my desire that you become a part of the solution to current hemp laws and policies which are not in the best interests of the citizens of Arizona and the country as a whole. I'm not asking you to support a complicated piece of legislation which requires a team of lawyers for you to fully grasp the pros and cons of the bill's entirety. On the contrary, I'm asking you to support the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, which: A) would not cost the federal government a single cent B) is one of the most straightforward bills to come before Congress (less than 2 pages long, free of any vague loopholes) C) would reflect Fact (there is no scientific basis for The 1970 Controlled Substances Act which essentially says that hemp and marijuana are one and the same D) grant each state the power to regulate one of Nature's most versatile crops E) would go a long way towards addressing the Economic and Environmental challenges we are facing For these and many more reasons, I strongly urge you to change your position on this issue. Please, for the sake of the future of the children of Arizona, and the rest of the world, show leadership on this issue and add your name to the growing list of Representatives who have come to understand that it is in everyone's best interests for the United States to no longer be the only developed country to outlaw hemp cultivation. If you're still not convinced, please at least meet with Congressman Grijalva and learn from him why he was one of the original co-sponsors of this Act. I will continue paying attention to this issue and look forward to seeing you do the right thing. Sincerely, David Piller Flagstaff, AZ

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Industrial Hemp Action Day, pt 1

I'm heading back to DC on October 6th to continue my efforts to get Congress to pass the Industrial Hemp Farming Act.  To maximize my efforts, I'm asking for you to play a part.   Below, is what I'll be doing, and after reading it I'm sure you'll know how to be involved too.

Essentially, in the next couple of weeks I'm looking to take advantage of a few events taking place in DC beginning the first weekend in October.
What I'm most excited about is the Hemp Pavilion that will be at the DC Green Festival, October 10th and 11th. 

*I intend to invite as many Representatives and/or their assistants to attend the Hemp Pavilion, to see first hand the economic potential hemp has, and to seriously consider becoming a cosponsor of H.R. 1866 The Industrial Hemp Farming Act. Until there are 100 co-sponsors of this act, no committee hearings for H.R. 1866 will take place. 

*The day after the Green Festival is the start of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) Convention: where I'm hoping to meet, share ideas, and network with those in the industry. 

*Following the convention, on October 13th, the HIA is also going to be having a lobby day. I've been thinking for quite some time about trying to put together something along the lines of a national Industrial Hemp Action Day, and I feel that with the HIA action on this date, this is a great opportunity for Americans who want to see Industrial Hemp cultivation return to American agriculture to get Congress' attention in a big way. 

That's how the plan is looking for now. Feel free to share this and/or contact me with any questions or comments.

Hemp's potential is beyond our imagination.
Won't you help me in waking up the Nation?

In Solidarity for a Sustainable Future-David

********to get a better sense of where I'm coming from and trying to go with this, check out the earlier blog posts below this***

Monday, August 3, 2009

Letter to my Representative

Just wanted to share an email I sent to my Congressional Representative in April regarding the Industrial Hemp Farming Act. Please give it a read, and use your voice as a citizen to contact your Representative and ask them to support it too. 

In Solidarity for a Sustainable Future,
David Piller

Dear Representative Kirkpatrick,
     I am writing to implore you to add you name to the list of cosponsors of the Industrial Hemp Farming Act. While I know that the word 'hemp' conjures up associations with marijuana, I hope you understand that their relationship is akin to that of chihuahuas and wolves: same species, different breeds entirely.
     As we find ourselves amidst the Economic and Environmental crises, it is imperative that we utilize all the options at our disposal to create a more sustainable future. Not only is it a viable cash crop, but it also represents a great way to help clean our Environment too, by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, reducing deforestation, rejuvenating overworked soils, and cleaning our water. The truth is that hemp is NOT marijuana. It's been actively cultivated for centuries around the globe, and was in fact one of the first crops planted in the original colonies.
The fact that Native Americans and Farmers have been stymied in their efforts to grow hemp by our misguided Federal laws is unacceptable and must be changed. The Industrial Hemp Farming Act would remedy this situation and set us on a course for a saner future.
     On behalf of the children of America and the rest of the world, please take the public stand of adding your name to the list of cosponsors and facilitate the return of hemp to American agriculture.

A blue print for local action

Just wanted to pass along an idea for how more people can actively promote the return of hemp to US agriculture. This is a resolution passed by the Montana legislature in April urging Congress to change its hemp policies.  If you're interested in promoting local city council and/or state resolutions where you live, this provides a basic blueprint to work from.  

(I found the link to this at )







     WHEREAS, the federal government should not set policies that make it difficult for farmers to sustain their livelihoods; and

     WHEREAS, hemp fiber, hemp pulp or hurd, and hempseed oil are raw materials that are used for a wide range of value-added agricultural and industrial products, including food, feed, body care products, oil, plastics, building materials, automobile interior panels, biocomposites, paper, clothing, textiles, and energy; and

     WHEREAS, the retail hemp market is currently estimated at $300 million annually; and

     WHEREAS, hemp is a hardy plant that is well-suited to Montana's climate and that thrives without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers if grown in a proper crop rotation; and

     WHEREAS, Canadian farmers are reporting net profits from hemp of $200 to $600 an acre with yield expectations from 300 to 600 pounds per acre; and

     WHEREAS, processing industrial hemp will benefit rural communities by creating new markets for farmers as well as sustainable processing and manufacturing jobs in Montana; and

     WHEREAS, the 2001 Legislature overwhelmingly passed and Governor Judy Martz signed Senate Bill No. 261, subsequently codified as Title 80, chapter 18, part 1, MCA, which authorizes the production and processing of industrial hemp with a THC content of 0.3% or less as an agricultural and industrial crop and which provides for the licensing and regulation of industrial hemp as a crop; and

     WHEREAS, despite longstanding authorization for the production and processing of industrial hemp in this state, Montana farmers are unable to participate in or benefit from the retail hemp market because of federal prohibitions on domestic hemp production.



     That the Montana Congressional Delegation be urged to introduce and promote federal legislation to eliminate the federal prohibition on domestic hemp production in order to allow full implementation of Montana law regarding the production and sale of industrial hemp.

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Secretary of State send copies of this resolution to the members of the Montana Congressional Delegation.

- END -


Prepared by Montana Legislative Services
(406) 444-3064

Hempstalk Hemposium: an intro to the Hemp for Humanity campaign

I just uploaded this edited version of my appearance at the Portland Hempstalk last September. The audio portion was edited to cut some of the traffic noise due to the events location under the freeway.

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to view it and pass it along to your friends and family

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hemp for Humanity Mission Statement and Positions

(I just updated this part of the Hemp for Humanity cause I created on Facebook. You can read more about it by visiting: )

Mission Statement:
To facilitate hemp's return to American agriculture and the expansion of hemp technology across all applicable industries (food,textiles,paper,plastics,energy,etc...)

To address our Economic and Environmental state of affairs, it is imperative we examine all the options available to us.

Hemp, perhaps the most beneficial and versatile plants known to Science, has not received near the amount of attention it rightfully deserves.

The "controversial" nature of this issue demand we get vocal & active to change the laws which prohibit the cultivation of Industrial Hemp in the U.S.

I urge you to take action by visiting and send an email urging your Rep to co-sponsor the Hemp Farming Act.

Also, please call and write your elected officials urging them to hold public hearings on hemp's potential to stimulate the economy & heal the Earth.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hemp Anthem, a song for the movement

Hemp Anthem by David Piller

Hey now, what are we gonna do, now we've seen an Inconvenient Truth? 

It's time to shake off all the sand, rise on up and take a stand.

We all know that we're facing problems.  Open minds will be what helps us solve them.

We've got to put all our options on the table, 

As we try to chart a  course to help our planet grow more stable.

Hemp's a crop you've all heard about before. 

The last time we could grow it here was during the Second War.

Since that time Congress has chosen to ignore it.  A course of action that we cannot afford.

Hey now, what are we gonna do, now we’ve seen an Inconvenient Truth?

It’s time to shake off all the sand, rise on up and take a stand. 

You know we’ll have to take it to the streets, to let our farmers grow H-E-M-P.

Anything that we make with cotton, wood or oil,

Can be made from a plant that springs up from the soil.

It doesn't require tons of toxic pesticides, 

Unlike those cotton crops where they spread it far and wide.

We've got to stop the logging of so much of our forests, 

Let's plant hemp instead and we can reap a thrice yearly harvest. 

Hemp's potential is beyond our imagination.  Won't you help me, in waking up the Nation?

Hey now, what are we gonna do, now we’ve seen an Inconvenient Truth?

It’s time to shake off all the sand, rise on up and take a stand. 

You know we’ll have to take it to the streets, to let our farmers grow H-E-M-P.

If you take a look at causes Environmental, what you’ll find are lots of scattered causes local.

The way I see it we’ve been like a shotgun shell, trying to hit far-off “Target Sustainable”.

We’ve got to mold our selves into a bullet, then this target, I know that we can hit it.

Let’s join together and bring hemp into the fore,

Then we’ll really help the Earth’s health to restore.

Hey now, what we’re going to do, now we’ve learned Hemp’s Convenient Truths,

We’re going to shake off all the sand, rise on up and take a stand.

Someday we will take it to the streets to let our farmers grow H-E-M-P.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Letter to the Editor- re: Hemp for Humanity Film Fest

The following is a letter to the editor about the Hemp for Humanity Film Fest I just submitted to the Arizona Daily Sun.  Figured I'd share it here too to get the word out more.  Thanks for checking it out and passing it along.


I am writing today to extend a personal invitation to the people of Flagstaff to attend the Free and open to all-ages, Hemp for Humanity Film Festival taking place at the Orpheum Theatre this Wednesday night - doors open at 6, show starts at 7. This event is part of my ongoing efforts to educate people and facilitate a local discussion about a plant known commonly as Industrial Hemp, and is NOT about its cousin marijuana.

I believe that in these times of economic and environmental uncertainty it is imperative that we put all of our options on the table, and unfortunately, Industrial Hemp, perhaps the most versatile crop on the planet, has yet to receive the attention it deserves.   This especially true given hemp's ability to provide us all with cleaner air, revitalized soil, and healthier water; not withstanding that hemp can be used to create a multitude of products and provides economic opportunities for Americans of all walks of life on a scale that is hard to match.  

The films I've chosen for the festival are a great introduction to the subject of Hemp cultivation, the laws of the United States which give us the distinction of being the only industrialized nation on Earth where hemp is an illegal crop; and some ideas of how we can help facilitate its return to American agriculture.

Beyond the showing of films, and a Q & A discussion, the festival will also have on display a variety of hemp products for attendees to see first hand just a tip of the Industrial Hemp iceberg, so to speak.

So please, come on down, and join me and your neighbors for a night to remember.  I'll do my best to make it worth your while.


David Piller